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Olde Towne is the heart of Bellevue and preserving and strengthening it is my goal by serving Ward 1 on the Bellevue City Council. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, I moved to Bellevue in 2006. As a lifelong resident of the Omaha/Bellevue area, I’m well versed in local politics and issues.   I have been a City of Omaha employee for 24 years, working in various different departments such as Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and the Omaha Police Department.  I have always been interested in city, county and State government and have actively attended Bellevue City Council meetings for quite some time.  I’ve attended State Unicameral sessions as well, and am particularly knowledgeable on city and state statutes as well as property rights.  Being involved in local politics and working within city government for many years gives me many unique insights into how local city government functions and how it can be improved.  Family is important to me.  My wife Marta and I have been married for 38 years.   We have four wonderful  children and four adorable grandchildren.  I’m proud of the fact that Marta received her Masters degree from Bellevue University.  I am an avid supporter of the Bellevue Farmer’s Market and Olde Towne itself.  My wife and I actively support the businesses in Olde Towne by shopping and dining there.   My faith plays an important part in my life.   I’ve served as Deacon and Session member at Miller Park and Florence Presbyterian Church, and Youth Director at Florence.  I was active in the Boy Scouts in my younger years, and am a Life Scout and a member of the Order of the Arrow.   In my free time, I enjoy classic cars, model railroading, eBay, relaxing with family on our scenic deck, bird watching, local theater, local food, music and friends.  My wife and I also run the Graveyards of Omaha website,, where Bellevue Cemetery is featured.
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MUD vs. Black Hills cost comparison. The analyzed average consumption for a home  that uses natural gas as the primary fuel for space heating.  For this type of usage, the average consumption in 2011 was about 85 decatherms.  Factoring in service charges, MUD's GIR (gas infrastructure replacement), and the price per therm, the MUD bill is 21% lower ($826.96 divided by $682.33). Did you know 85% of Bellevue gets its natural gas from MUD?  MUD is a publicly-owned utility. It doesn’t make a profit to distribute to shareholders. That way it ensures its customers a much lower rate. Wouldn’t you like a lower rate too? Vote DAWES! Over 95% of the homes in Ward I get their gas service from a for profit company, Black Hills Energy, at over a 20% higher cost. ALL of Olde Towne users pay the higher rate. Eight thousand residents of Elkhorn received the same savings under Nebraska law when it was annexed by Omaha. We can make the law lower our bills too. Vote DAWES! As your councilman in Ward I, I will work with the legislature to amend the law so ALL of Bellevue pays the same lower rate! Article from MUD’s web page at  “Today, we are the only metropolitan utility district in the State of Nebraska. Our strength lies in being a public utility, customer- owned and governed by a locally- elected board of directors. As the fifth largest public gas utility in the United States, we provide a product and service at rates that are lower than area investor-owned utilities. We serve natural gas to 216,826 customer-owners in Omaha, Bennington, Fort Calhoun, Springfield, Yutan and 85 percent of Bellevue.”
Like others on the sitting council, I’ve never worked for or sat on a city board. I don’t owe anyone a favor, and that means I’m responsible solely to taxpayers. I bring new views to the Council. I will watch your tax dollars in the same way, every day.  Bellevue has some tough decisions to make. How do we fund our new full-time fire dept or attract new shops and businesses? Restoring Olde Towne and the Fort Crook corridor can bring much-needed tax dollars to fund these initiatives. If we can’t answer this question effectively, we become the next Detroit. Example of past failures to bring tax dollars into Bellevue:  Losing out on Werner Park baseball complex, the failed water park complex, and losing the SAC Museum. Failing to plan will only lead to more of the same. Candidates with a “let’s wait” attitude are great for a campaign, but bad for Bellevue. We need an attitude of “we will do whatever it takes to make Bellevue a better city for the lowest amount,” on the council. The new bike routes have been criticized, but Omaha has a full-time director ($65,000 a year and benefits) for its routes, and Lincoln’s had them since 2006. Bike routes attract people and jobs to a city, and are completely eco-friendly.  Bellevue needs the bike routes for its future. Bellevue needs to continue towards a full-time fire dept as the Nebraska legislature intended. At the candidate’s forum September 25, many different points of view were presented on this topic, but safety should be everyone’s primary concern. The City has to raise the funds to do this, for the well-being of Bellevue residents. Returning to our roots and the Buy Bellevue (sales tax) attitude would be a good start. Vote Dawes, Olde Town Cause.